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CTI CEO, Dustan Hellwig, Gives Brief at EW Asia Conference

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Traditional methods of observing spectrum are insufficient to create an understanding of this complex, dynamic, invisible battlespace. New methods and approaches are required to gather observations of this operating environment across space, time, and spectrum. Sensing, disseminating, storing, and making these persistent observations is required to allow for analysis, visualization, and understanding just as is done with the physical domains, with weather, and with other dynamic phenomenon and environments. 


CTI has been building just such an environment for the past few years utilizing fully – open and government – open platforms and applications. This model is the only viable way to achieve the pervasive sensing and awareness required to support electromagnetic operations in the Asia – Pacific Region and worldwide. Spectrum use does not adhere to international or physical boundaries in the same manner as planes, trains, and automobiles; and therefore understanding, planning, and operating within this domain requires a different set of tools and capabilities. This brief recommended an environment within which we can all seamlessly operate.