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From the CTI Team


"Every day at CTI is enjoyable, from the technical side all the way down to the community of employees and end users that are always ready to help. Finding a job that is both fulfilling and exciting is really rare in my opinion. I haven't had a day here where I wasn't learning something new or tackling an interesting problem. Every day is a challenge, but a good one. And on the other side of that, there is an invaluable connection between the military end-users and the developers. We are encouraged and enabled to attend collaboration events whenever possible and to really get to know our end-users. It is unlike any other company I have come across in the most amazing way."

Why Join CTI

"At CTI, we get to work on interesting and challenging problems that actually matter to the men and women in the armed forces. When something is bothering me, I am able to reach out to anyone in leadership, even the CEO, and I have seen many positive changes as a result of those conversations. Another thing I love is that hard work is rewarded, whether that means a monetary bonus, recognition in a public forum, or increased responsibilities and influence within the company. I also have the opportunity to travel and meet the people who actually use the software and tools that we develop, which is incredibly humbling and gratifying. I truly enjoy coming to the office every day to work with other smart and passionate people, and I am excited about my future with CTI."

Kassie Bowman - Senior Developer

Our Culture

"Here at CTI, we strive to create an environment that encourages technical innovation and enables professional growth. We empower our software developers to find the best solutions for their projects, defying what has unfortunately become the typical defense industry practice of maintaining stale technologies and legacy systems. Our motto is 'Bringing Technology to the Fight'. Our goal is to deliver the best, most-relevant capabilities to the warfighter as quickly as possible. We ensure maximum utility of our solutions by hiring proven subject matter experts from across the military communities we support and partnering our developers directly with the end users of our products.

At the Corporate level, we believe that leaders are service-providers to their teams. That is why you will see everyone from the top-down lending a hand wherever they are needed to accomplish the task. No matter how much CTI has grown over the last 20 years, we have never lost sight of our values. Our people are what make us special as a company and we invest in their success, whether through our benefits programs with options like tuition reimbursement, mentorship from our Principal developers, or Research & Development funding for new ideas.

We don't do 'gig' work or contingent hiring. We are looking for talented people to become key members of our team. If you're looking for an opportunity to join a company that lives its values and is affecting real, positive change in the defense industry, I hope you'll consider joining us at CTI. We need your ideas and your talent to continue making a real difference for our men and women in uniform."

Dustan Hellwig - CEO