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  • Dec
    8:00 am
    Virtual Industry Day
    Chesapeake Technology International (CTI) is dedicated to providing open, government-owned technologies for the warfighter.

    CTI ensures that everyone, including third-party government or industry partners, can access and leverage the tools we design to develop and field solutions rapidly. What we build is the preferred standard in our mission space due to our unique application of agile methodologies, utility-driven design, and interactive, hand-on development with end-users. This corporate philosophy ensures that industry proprietary software or hardware tools do not stand in the way of the right capabilities being brought to bear on the battlefield.

    CTI is hosting a one-day, virtual event “Open + Free: Exploring Rapid, Government Open Capabilities for the Warfighter.” CTI’s virtual event will be multifaceted, including an opportunity to conduct micro-trainings on CTI products, demonstrations, and virtual panel discussion on government open technologies.

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