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Team Awareness Kit (TAK)

The most robust, widely adopted and deployed, open, government-owned situational awareness platform in the world.

Do you have a product you would like to integrate into TAK, Raptor, or other government applications?

Let's discuss your use case and craft a plan together.

Supported Platforms

TAK (Team Awareness Kit)

The Team Awareness Kit/Tactical Assault Kit is an open, government-owned family of systems consisting of wearable, mobile, desktop, server, and web variants.  CTI is a core developer within the TAK ecosystem and understands how to build user-focused plugins that intuitively flow with other native functions in the core applications.   Additionally, CTI understands the TAK build process and is capable of guiding plugins through the official release pipeline to enable compatibility with official installers.  


Raptor is an open, Government-owned, 3D mapping application designed to enable command and control of a variety of integrated sensors.  Raptor software installers, code repositories, documentation, and media are all available on the defense intelligence information enterprise (DI2E).  CTI is one of the core maintainers of the Raptor platform and well-versed in building unique solutions that leverage the platform for use-cases ranging from unmanned surface vehicles to signals intelligence suites. CTI is also a contributor to a variety of suite plugins.


The Electromagnetic Warfare Planning and Management Tool, (EWPMT) is used to plan, manage, and simulate a variety of electronic warfare and cyber situations and systems. CTI can integrate sensors and systems into the API's provided by the EWPMT SDK for command and control (C2) and Situational Awareness (SA).


CTI is intimately familiar with Theatre Net-centric Geolocation (TNG) and Joint Interface Control Document (JICD) networks and integrating systems into these collaborative domains. Our software engineers can quickly tie sensors into JICD while also maintaining display platforms like TAK and Raptor that expose your sensor effectively to end-users.

Example Integrations


Networks & Connectivity

Satellite or commercial connectivity




Mesh Networks



Sensor & Hardware Integrations




Software Defined Radios



Electronic Warfare Equipment

Signals Intelligence Equipment

Spectrum Monitoring


Interference Detection



LIDAR, RADAR, Unattended Ground Sensors



Vehicle or asset GPS tracking / Tag Track Locate



Full Motion Video





Terrain Processing





Machine Learning




Automated Route Planning



Data Fusion & Aggregation

Enterprise to the edge integration of sensors and systems into cloud repositories for analysis and processing




Distributed C2 and SA of novel and legacy systems



Live Virtual Training Environments