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CTI CEO, Dustan Hellwig, Presents “Multi-Domain Cyber-Spectral Operations”

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What does “All- or Multi- Domain Cyber-Spectral Operations” mean? Cyber and spectrum cross all of the physical domains and live wholly within none. Operations from and through one physical domain can impact operations and adversaries within any other physical domain. And when we combine cyber and spectral activities, operational reach extends even further. 

How do we build awareness within these incredibly complex, diverse, and globally dispersed domains? How do we associate that awareness with militarily relevant decision-making and activities? And more importantly, how can the U.S. Government and its global team of partner nations, militaries, and actors best build systems and solutions to provide this awareness, understanding, decision support, command and control, and force application capabilities necessary to “dominate” in these domains.

Mr. Hellwig, as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at CTI expends time, energy, corporate assets and investments, initiative, and innovation in helping to answer these questions. CTI develops and deploys solutions that are fully open, available today, and unique in their tactical and operational realization. Mr. Hellwig’s discussion for this 9th Annual Information Operations and Electronic Warfare Symposium addresses some of these key questions, proposes some unique concepts and perspectives, and a method for resolving some of the technological hurdles inherent to “solving” this problem set.