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Meet CTI's Software Engineers: Marc Christensen


How long have you worked at CTI and what is your role?

I have been with CTI for about a year and seven months now, I am software engineer who has done a lot of work in Android development.

How long have you been a Software Engineer for? What initially led you into this field?

This is actually my first job out of college! But with internships, I have about two and a half years in the field. I have been interested in computers since a very young age and I enjoy the challenge of solving problems, so programming fit the bill on both fronts!

What is your favorite part about being a Software Engineer?

My favorite part of being a software engineer definitely has to be seeing my work help people, even making someone’s life a little easier is rewarding.

What is the hardest part about being a Software Engineer?

The hardest part definitely has to be fixing bugs and ensuring the software I write is stable and covers all the use cases. Testing every way a user can interact with my software and ensuring every possibility is handled can be difficult.

Do you have any non-work related engineering projects you work on in your free-time?

I do enjoy messing around with my Raspberry Pi from time to time, making a PiHole, a simple camera system, etc. However, I am much more interested in exploring tech hardware in my free time.

Why CTI?

Every interaction I have with everyone at CTI is with positive and helpful people. I noticed this right away during my interviews and meeting my coworkers during my first couple days of work. I feel I can do the work I am tasked to do with all the support I may need!